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Welcome to the home of Amy and Brian Matthew's Vanuatu Adventure... the place to find out about their Peace Corps assignment - before, during and after.

Current News:

  • Go directly to: latest trip journal photos as of 03/14/03

  • New pictures - okay, the pictures are old, but they are finally making their first appearance on the website. View them on the Photos page. - 12/08/02

  • They are done! Amy & Brian have finished up their commitment with the Peace Corps, and are now embarking on a 3 month trip around the world as they return home. Join them on their trip by visiting their new Trip Journal. - 12/05/02

  • Earthquake news - Amy & Brian are fine after a 6.4 level earthquake hit Vanuatu last week. They felt tremors in their hut, and they did see some damage on their Island and in Vila, but they upcoming vacation to NZ is not affected. Also, new pictures will be added soon, promise! (As soon as the webmaster finds some free time...)
    - 01/07/02

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