Our Trip Itinerary

Depart Port Vila Dec 7th
Auckland, New Zealand/Bay of Islands Dec 7th-13th
Bangkok,Thailand/Throughout Dec 13th-27th
Vietiane,Laos/Throughout Dec 27th-Jan 10th
Phnom Penh, Cambodia/Throughout Jan 10th-25th
Saigon, Vietnam/throughout Jan 25th-Feb 13th
Oslo, Norway (Hi Tina!) Feb 13th-18th
Amsterdam, Netherlands Feb 18th-22nd
Barcelona, Spain/throughout Feb 22nd-Mar 8th
Toronto Canada Mar 8th-9th
Ithaca New York (Hi Sarah & Jeff) Mar 9th- 13th
Rochester, NY (Hi Lynley & Ryan) Mar 13th-16th
Denver, CO (Home Sweet Home!) Mar 16th, 2003

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