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03/17/2003 Entry: "They are back!"

Amy and Brian returned to Denver today after nearly 2 1/2 years away.

Readers here have been following their journey home, so I'll keep this brief so I can get to the reunion pictures taken at DIA today and at the Matthew's house. They are a little under the weather, and very tired from the long journey, but they are both well, happy, and looking forward to the future. I'll let them tell you more once they get a chance to get caught up!

Note: Click on any image to see the larger version.

DIA Reunion

The DIA Welcoming Party, waiting for A & B.

DIA Reunion

There they are!

DIA Reunion

Brian is happy to see that his luggage also made it safely!

DIA Reunion

The travellers are strong - this is some heavy luggage!

DIA Reunion

Celebrating their return at the Matthews.

DIA Reunion

Amy tries on the welcome home sign, and well, it makes her giddy...

Replies: 3 Comments

Well you will never guess who this is? Its Yvette, the volunteer GAP teacher from Epi High School, Lamen Bay!!
Was looking at your adventure and it sounds amazing!
Am still in contact with Morgan and some of the kids from the school. Would love to hear from you and find out all the gossip from Epi!
Glad you are both home safely, and Brian do you have a ponytail?

Posted by yvette davidson @ 04/11/2003 02:39 PM MST

Amy and Brian,
In a way I'm sad to see your trip end, as I, and many others virtually lived through your travels, BUT I know you guys are very happy to be home and your parents and friends are thrilled beyond words to have you home, safe. A year ago we were in Florida with my dad and stepmom lapping up the sun. Time passes so quickly... Enjoy your reunion!
Welcome home!

Posted by Amy Jo @ 03/19/2003 08:23 PM MST

Welcome home! It was one year ago next week that we got back and without trying too hard we remember exactly what it was like and hwat you are feeling. And a day later your in the middle of a huge blizard!!! We look forward to getting together with you to swap stories and photos. Give us a call at your leasure 303-433-6502

Welcome home! David & Karyn

Posted by David & Karyn @ 03/19/2003 03:59 PM MST

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